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You are welcome to this shrine. This is a shrine of exchanging thoughts, ideas right from the usual, to the-establishment-challenging ones.

About Ubundu, which in the Lumasaba language, and closely in many Bantu ethnic group languages across Africa means Humanity (the virtue not the noun), law with a bias to natural resources law, philosophy – an endless search and inquiry to understanding what everything is about, and wealth Creation…(A few bucks won’t hurt a philosopher! Will they? Huh?

So we are here for life, art and beauty! @@smiles….

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Just so you know about the writer here..

Matanda Abubaker is a Lawyer by profession & a student of life who shares the lessons through speaking, writing and poetry!

Governance and Advocacy Officer at Uganda Youth Society for Human Rights.
Recruitment and outreach Manager, League of Young Professionals – Uganda,
Co Director, Amilcar Cabral Rabbit Farm (ACR) and Kampala Grilled Rabbit (KGR)

Weekly columnist with the Muyenga breeze, a weekly publication of Muyenga Rotary club,
Former President (2014-2015) at Uganda National Student’s Association – UNSA,
Former Vice President (2013) at Muslim Students’ Association of Uganda (MSAU),
Former Guild President (2013) at Islamic University Students’ Union,
Studied Law at Islamic University in Uganda,
Lives in Kampala, Uganda,
From Bududa.