Over the past one week, I have been sharing on all media platforms I have access to, an article our company, Amilcar Cabral rabbit farm authored titled, “Basic Economics of rabbit farming.” In the article, we share the basics one needs to start, some of the opportunities in the industry, costs, proceeds, and key aspects to be aware of.

After sharing it however, as part of the enormous feedback we got from people, enthusiastic about the venture, a number of people asked me; “what are the negative effects of rabbit farming?” Or better put, “What are the challenges in the rabbit business? It is that question that sent me thinking not only about our article but the outlook of how life is perceived and reported. I realised the impression our article had created in the minds of some people is that the venture is a get-rich-quick scheme. Far from it, the venture, albeit being, in our assessment, the most convenient, and profitable among the forms of animal husbandry in Uganda also has challenges and calls for commitment and patience.

Cherry picking is a symbolic English term, that explains a situation where, in presenting or observing things, a person picks only the good and sweet, leaving the whole bulky of what more therein lies, in reality which may not be as glossy. In my analysis, for the most part of our lives, we cherry pick as we take on things, and also as we share our stories after we succeed which this leads to many regrets/disappointments that I want you to vaccinate yourself against.

Quick examples; when I share with you about rabbit farming, I may not tell you or even know that you may venture into them, and wake up one morning when multitudes or even all are dead! This is an extreme scenario but We had such experiences when we started a few years, did we quit? No madam! Was it easy? No Sir! Can such be prevented when you are keen? Of course!

When you see a President on headlines, in convoys, flying left and right, and being pampered, do yourself justice and as you wish for that honour, you also wish for the sleepless nights, for the battles in the jungles that put one’s life in the line for bullets, for insults from even the stupidest of the earth, and all the headache that comes with it.

If you see a person being referred to as Professor or even Doctor or Counsel, then you admire those titles, and the money they are earning, do yourself justice, brace for the years of being buried in books, in research, with unreasonable teachers, lecturers and all the headache that comes with the pursuit of academic excellence.

As you admire the glamor with which Bebe Cool, Chris Brown or Diamond are received with at airports and treated to on T.V channels, do yourself the service of finding out how much money, time and effort they put in keeping themselves abound with good music. Things do not just happen, they are worked for!

As you admire that nice body, the biceps, the six packs, the fat-less body that “the other guy” or the model on T.V throws around, kindly think about how tough it is to do exercises religiously, to keep on diet, then if you are not ready for that inconvenience and discipline, then forget.

The few moments I have been in business, I have realised even the fallacy that if you are self-employed, you do as you choose because you are your own boss, that business is rosy and profitable is a warped view. The fact is everything gainful in life, carries a span of painful experiences before it reaps.

There is no business, no venture, and no job that will get you to the admirable position that is not tough, that will not need time that will not frustrate you at a certain level, that will not lend some stress, that is not hard to reach. The old notion that you cannot climb upstairs pocketing is still, if not now more, valid. The good news however is that if you are committed to reach the uncrowded top, the universe will connive with you and lead you there, but not without tests. So those asking for challenges in the rabbit industry, they are not any different from those elsewhere; commitment, capital, taxes, and disease but which with good care and hygiene maintenance (hard work), all can be dealt with.

So my love, next time you admire anything, whether it’s a car, a house, dollar bills, a beautiful baby, a nice poem, a platform et al, be nice and also admire the sweat and sacrifice that has gone into it.




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