*By John Kiwanuka*
(Guest Writer)

I fail to get it why are we making fun out of prof mukiibis death? Instead why dont we talk to his victims,console them, the pregnant ladies who am told have been abandoned by the family, who has talked to these young kids who have lost a father at such a tender age to instil hope that there is more to life? Instead of telling us how these young ladies are victims of the virus why dont you endevour to counsel them but rather from their sorrow we have found happiness as if the theatres are full. 
What happened to the human values of empathy, when did we stop to care?
A situation like this must be very tough on the family being comfronted with death they again have to deal with us, our perception about them, we choose to judge these kids and the girls from St.Lawrence basing on their principal yet we forget that Solomon the wisest man who could talk with God was born by King David who flawed with Bathsheba later killing her husband Uriah in battle and yet King Solmon received favour, i have even heard debates on who truly owns St.Lawrence schools we could use this time for building schools in our names.

So its important that before we remove the log in the profs eye we deal with the peak in our own, it could have been anyone else otherthan mukiibi i mean we are a society having more lodges than churches, i see more prostitues on the roads of kampala than we have nuns in conventries, I see married men packed outside hostels, we all have a mukiibi somewere within us, we choose to remember the late not from his flows but from his contribution to education, just like the biblical Lot who we do not remember because he slept with his daughters while drunk but because he made the journey to Sodom, because Lots wife became salt, the man who together with others stood against the private schools tax, the man whose work ethic we all should adopt should be left to find external rest.


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