On such days, 

For a special person like you,

Had I the “space”, I would throw for you a party-

So that all friends and sundry can partake of our fondness.
Had I the inspiration and art, 

I would write you a poem-

So that you earn the honor of intelligent men.
Had I the means,

I would buy you the fanciest of gifts- 

So that you earn the admiration of lovely flowery women.
Charity, Had I beautiful a voice,

I would sing for you in the smoothest of melodies-

So that you attract the company of dancing children.
But I, having none of the above, -at least for now,

Have only blessings to pray for you,

Only my dreams to lay before you,

And Only pieces of advice to slay before you.
That you may live long enough to earn all the desires of your heart, 

The fruits of your hands,

And to see your great grandchildren amidst good health, wealth and love.

Your friend Matanda.


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