You told me if I work hard and get good grades, life shall be good,I kowtowed.

You told me to be disciplined, and follow the rules,

I kowtowed.

You said to me if I respect my parents, elders, and everyone, all shall be well

I kowtowed.

You told me I should pray regularly, and follow the commands of the most high,

I kowtowed.

You asked me to always be first to serve, help, appreciate, apologise and wait,

I still kowtowed.

You told me the truth, but it was not the whole truth.
The truth that those who work smartly or crooked even after poor grades,

Life can be good.

That those who are indisciplined and break the rules,

Are the true change makers that history honours not conformists.

That respecting your parents, elders and everyone is good,

But may not necessarily be rewarded.

That in real life unlike in art, there is no poetic justice,

You can suffer “pakalast” and you can torment “pakalast”



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