Yes, I am a politician, and a good one.

And yes, every politician is a leader,

Though not every leader is a politician.

There are bad and good politicians.

Just as there are bad and good leaders.

So spare me the “A politician looks at the next election, and a leader at the next generation.” Talk

Pure semantics,

A leader who does not mind the next election is misguided, and yes,

A good politician will mind the next generation,

Thomas Sankara did, didn’t he?

I’m a politician, and not sorry.

I can read through what is going on in your mind


You expect me to have a pot belly?

Or you are thinking about a fat salary?

Oh I know, you are thinking “oh this is the ‘MPig’ who feasts on our taxes?”

No, that is not me

Let me tell you;

I’m the guy who doesn’t sleep so you do!

I’m the one who is blamed for everything including whether or not rain falls!

The fella who thinks about your wellbeing whenever you cannot think, and you often don’t.

That idiot without whom that guy you fear most in the neighborhood would attack you for supper!

Yes I’m that politician who sacrifices to speak the English you loathe to get things done

I’m supposed to understand the budgetary percentages you find boring and avoid.

You see how those demands from your maid intimidate you; just salt, sugar, and steel wire?

I have those from the whole world; Churches, mosques, orphanages, youth groups, women, men, everything and everyone.

But I also know how much I irritate you,

How I irritate you when I promise something and fail to make it,

Just like you promised to jog every morning and did it only twice but it is okay for you my boss,

How I irritate you whenever my lead car snakes me through the jam, while you, my boss suffer the wrath of my poor planning,

You see it is like how you planned and made New Year resolutions for which you are now making up excuses for not achieving

You see I understand your frustration,

I get it when you think I’m useless,

Whenever you feel you can actually do without me

Maybe you can, maybe I am worthless.

But at some point I looked at things the way you do

But that was until I stopped whining and chose to join and change things

And oh boy, the things I have learnt.

You can never satisfy human need.

It is when I learnt that you may not appoint those you do not know,

For you are not an angel.

And that those you know are likely your own or so recommended

Nothing is yours to own when you are a politician,

Even a new suit is winced at, good education for your child or Medicare is scorned!

Stand for a cause, and a populist you are, Conform, and compromise is the word.

You are no good until you die;

“He was a statesman.”

“He served his country and humanity unwaveringly.”

“Her body will appear in parliament for last public viewing.”

“A state funeral for him.”

That is my fate, my conscience is my only true compass.

Matanda Abubaker, Uganda.



  1. I disagree with you, your not a politician but your a student aspiring to be a master of politics, but thanks for those insights.


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