Seated in the chair. She brought the table near me. She walked back, and then returned laden with a tray; on it, a plate of food, sauce, and juice.
I realise a switch in how I’m feeling. I actually ‘feel good’. It would be easier for her to place these things on the table while standing. But she, though inconvenienced knelt down, and when she did, it felt good. So I ask myself. Why does she have to kneel down? Why do I feel good? What is feeling good? Is it because by kneeling down, I’m elevated to a certain level of importance, and her degraded or lowered in significance? Is she actually lowered by this act? What does she lose in essence? What do I gain? What would I lose if she served while standing? Of course she would gain convenience at least.
My faith teaches me, I was created to worship my Creator! Worship meaning total submission. So how does it benefit my creator when I bow before him (I use him for lack of a better word), when I beg him, when I praise him? In heaven, in some faiths it is postulated that it will be praise and worship forever. To what end is this? When writing about his title, we must use a capital “G” What difference does it make? Would he or HE lose his majesty if a lower case letter is used?

When they arrive, and we stand up, we salute, we bow our heads, they feel good, it is called respect. So what is respect? If a man or a woman is elevated by status over and above others. What does this really mean?
I asked my friend recently, “why do you want Uganda to qualify for the next stage in the African cup of nations?”

She said, “So that we win the cup.”

I asked “Why do you want to win?”

And she told me it would make Uganda known and proud. What is pride? What is the use of pride?
Prof. Dr. HE: Sir, Their Majesty, Your worship, Your Lordship, Mr. Mrs are among others the many titles that people are referred to as. I knew of a Doctor who would become very angry if his name was said whithout the import of the title and I always wondered if it had not been added, would that take away his books or knowledge or its relevance?

The feeling of importance, we want to be valued, honored, respected, held in high esteem, put above others, thought of well…so what?
It would be convenient to think that being Honorable, brings some material dividends. For example, if Uganda wins the African football cup of nations, then this may attract investors to the country, her players may be taken on by richer clubs and Uganda earns revenue among other individual dividends of being a citizen of powerful nation. In the same line, if I’m a superior say a commander or an elder or one knelt before, that means in all matters like queueing, I’m given priority and the same would hold for all other scenarios. 
But there are elements which show that seeking for honor is beyond this….for example, I do not think God wants to be worshiped and praised to earn any forms of priorities! Plus it would be myopic to assume that the euphoria that engulfs people as they support their teams is for material gain. No it’s not, there is something deeper. That feeling of victory, superiority, being on top of others, being ahead of others, better than others. Ever seen how a baby behaves in the presence of another baby? How they fight to be prioritized? Clearly there is no calculation here. Just something of the gut. Ego, self. Why are we obsessed with this? 
To be continued….


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