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Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to send someone money but your account balance is not enough to send, and add withdraw charges?

Do you want to save 1000 or depending on weight of transaction on your send transactions? (Well 1000 can buy social bundles for five days! I know, I know! The economy is that bad bruh!)

So here is the thing.

You have 16,000 on your account. You want your kid brother to get 15,000 net. Sending is 1000, meaning you can only wire 15,000, and withdrawing is 1000 meaning he will pick 14,000. The difference is 1000 I know but it’s not funny especially if it’s a debt.

So what do you do?

In this tough economy, tell the fella to go to an outlet. They submit your number with instructions to withdraw money, then for you just be on the alert to approve the transaction.
If it’s airtel money, it’s even easier..just initiate and send them the secret code.

If it’s your grandmother, please do not attempt to explain to them this, tell them to just go to an outlet and you talk to the attendant to pick the money!

Now for some of you I know 1000 maybe too little money. So let me suggest ways to use that money every time you have to send money and you save the amount.

1. The best option is to send it to me as airtime on 0702286967/0776286969 but I know some of you don’t like best options so a better one is;

2. Saving that money somewhere till the end of year then you buy some rabbits from Cabral rabbit farm and do rabbit meat mchomo with your friends. Yes of course I eat rabbit meat!

3. Collecting the money and when it’s 20,000 you buy airtime for one of your friends or relatives in the village, even in town. They will be so grateful.

4. Or just go the old school charity way, Mosque, church, beggars, children. You never know I may also go to paradise and survive hell for suggesting.

This post was written under the influence of the January extension of pocket dryness.
Any legal implications will be deflected by the taxation principle that tax/charge avoidance is legal, only evasion is illegal and criminal.

For more ways to save, check every Friday.


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