You could have heard my story: about the fact that despite later becoming a Guild President at university, and a national students’ President, before O’ level, I was never even a pencil collector. I was shy, quiet and so reserved. One of the toughest situations I could find myself into was a face to face encounter with a girl! No wonder, I never said a word to a lady until university (hides face). In fact my old students from O’level below could not believe it when later, they heard that I’m a Guild President! It was unimaginable for a person of the character they were familiar with.

That however, was not the case with one of my class mates, Mugerwa Abdul Latif. For some reason I don’t know, or do not remember, Tiff used to call me’ His Excellency’ He somehow saw a leader in me that those around me and I did not see in myself. Later while at University, he called me with a none familiar number, and said, “Assalam alaykum Your Excellency.” I responded to the greeting and quipped, “May I know whom I’m speaking to sir?” He laughed and said, “Oh I understand, the title is no longer my monopoly!”

Who knows, maybe Mugerwa’s naive references were one of the factors that motivated me to believe in myself! In life you need people who believe in you, people who will cheer you, people who will still have faith in you when no one does, especially if no one does. This is how we manage as babies to progress from crawling to walking; every time we fall, we are cheered by those around us, and we do it again, and again until we make it.

Now identify your cheer leaders and stick around them, be loyal to them. You know them. Give the negative voices a distance. Of course you must differentiate negativity and wise criticism or pieces of advice. People who believe ‘you can’ are invaluable. Revere them.

Decide today also to be a cheer leader of others. They need it. Encourage people even if they are underdogs, especially if they are underdogs! Let no negative comments escape you. We have enough negative situations to deal with darling.

I thank all of you people who believe in me, those of you who call me and ask what my next plan is. Those of you who suggest ways in which I can serve humanity. Those of you who ask me to keep writing and writing and writing. You are the fuel that keeps me going. I may not ably show it but I appreciate all of you, I honor you, I celebrate you. Flying “ihugs” for you all!

The writer is a member of the League of Young Professionals – Uganda, blogger at, and a weekly columnist with the Muyenga Breeze, a Muyenga Rotary club weekly Publication.


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