(What attitude did you carry to reading this post?)

What is attitude?

Attitude refers to the;

  • Manner
  • Disposition
  • Feeling/emotions
  • Position/beliefs

With regard to a person (s), an event or thing (s)

Expression of favour, or disfavour to a thing.

Why Attitude change?
It is important to seek to influence one’s attitude positively because attitude is everything, attitude determines how we relate, how much we can rise, and our entire experience in life. The question is; what is your attitude to;


Do you look at yourself as being inferior? Do you look at yourself as being dump? Short? Ugly? Whichever feeling you have determines your attitude!


How do you feel about life? Do you look at life as a burden? (I was born to suffer. YOLO – ‘You only live once’) among others. How you feel about life determines your attitude.

The same applies to work. Do you view work as an opportunity to serve? Do you view some work as dirty? Your disposition towards work determines your attitude to life.

The same goes for; People?  Leadership? Money? Marriage? Love? Children?   Public speaking?

The negative attitudes that we hold that actually many times hold us back emanate from; if our attitudes be positive, it should be noted, the reverse for these factors is true.

  • Toxic Environments

The environments we grow up in drum some feelings about people and things which influences our attitude. For example many of us do not even attempt to study Mathematics after what we hear being talked about the study. Statements like “In our family, nobody has ever excelled in mathematics.” Have shaped how people fair in the same.

  • Blind Education.

Education that does not pay attention to the kinds of feelings being imparted into young ones has also played a critical role in negating our attitudes. Our feelings about blue collar jobs, feelings about agriculture are formed during school where success is depicted as being only in professions like law, education, and medicine among others. Never a good example in entrepreneurship or agriculture.

  • Unfavourable Experiences.

Our dispositions are also informed by what we go through. Many people hold that people who wear spectacles are wiseacres without having to meet all of them but perhaps after an experience with a few. People have experiences with say GMOs, family planning methods among others and this informs their attitudes towards the same.

The challenge with all the above is that since they are all not necessarily guided, at times they are misleading. You therefore have to do among others the following to change your attitude for the better;

First of all make a choice to carry a positive attitude. Smile often, and seek to see “good” in every person and situation rather than be cynical looking always for the negative.

  • Building Self Esteem.

It is difficult to see “good” in others if you do not see “good” in yourself! It is therefore important to build your self-worth by affirming the good things about your life, and engaging in meaningful activities that make a difference.

  • Regular Exercise.

It is now proved beyond reasonable doubt that one’s mental state is highly influenced by their physical state. Undertaking physical exercise as simple as jogging in the morning can have magical effects on one’s attitude throughout the day.

  • Enabling Humour in your life.

Whereas life must be serious, to improve on our attitude, it is important to have good laughs. Feel free to engage in humorous enterprises and playful activity to lift our spirits.

In conclusion;

  • Thirst for knowledge because it’s only from an informed position that we can alter the stereotypes that negatively impact our attitudes through the environment, education, and the environment.
  • Hunger for excellence so that in everything you do, the hosts of heaven and earth like, Martin Luther King said will say, if it’s sweeping that “Here lived a great sweeper who swept his job well.”

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