This is what i think is the role of leadership. Beyond fighting for the basics of food, shelter, clothing and social security, people deserve the opportunity to pursue their dreams, to exhaust their talents and abilities, and to make it if they try. I hold that this should be our ultimate goal as governments, civil society and all forms of leadership.

Like Sir Ken Robinson argues in the element,

“Without the right opportunities, you may never know what your aptitudes are or how far they might take you. There aren’t many bronco riders in the Antarctic, or many pearl divers in the Sahara Desert.”

I have never had chance to know if I would make a good basketballer, or a good movie actor or ship captain because I never had the chance to try these out or even to witness them growing up! How much talent, productivity have we lost in Africa because of this deprivation? Like I always say, the cure for cancer maybe holed up somewhere in a child who did not go to school. For the majority of our girls and boys, their dreams come down crushing at the age of 14 when they drop out of school to lead lives of nothingness where they simply like a bird gasp for survival.

All efforts therefore, must be geared towards the healing of this; the creation of opportunities, the increasing of chances, the easing of the hustle and the creation of an enabling environment for achievement of dreams.


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